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Access to a highly qualified talent pool

Candidates are referred to the Aspire platform by former colleagues, friends and HR professionals

A combination of system processes, impactful references and user incentives work together to ensure validation recommendations and overall platform integrity, which ensures a strong network of pre-screened talent pool.

Unique jobs appealing to passionate individuals

The system identifies key factors across multiple facets of available information to build a profile for each connection

Using data available on-line and off-line to recommend jobs that meet individual's personality, interests, desires and ambition.

Leverage the power of crowds & informed networks

Users are incentivised in various ways to refer new users to the platform

They have the ability to make recommendations and it is weighted differently depending on referrers' connection to the company and their understanding of the team and function

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Shamir Jiwa

Linkedin | Twitter

Shamir Jiwa is the chairman of Aspire, with a background at MaximEyes.

Justyna is the Chief Executive Officer of Aspire. A former member of the executive team at MaximEyes, now focused full time on the growth and development of Aspire.

Justyna Nowicka

Linkedin | Twitter

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